Property investment is not a get rich quick scheme it should be viewed as a long term investment as part of your overall investment strategy.

Residential property investment is ideal for those clients that are looking to build a property portfolio through direct ownership that will gain in capital value over time but provide a regular income as well.

The most important aspect of any strategy, investment or otherwise, is to understand your motivation. If you are unclear on exactly what you are trying to achieve it is unlikely that you will succeed.

The first step in your journey will be to fully understand exactly what your goals are - what it is you want to achieve? If you don’t know, or have not considered this before, we at Claremont will help and guide you.

Whether this is capital growth, rental income, or perhaps a portfolio for security in retirement, we combine your ideas of what you want with our knowledge of possible ways to achieve, always taking in to account your unique situation and requirements.

At Claremont, we are with you every step of the way. We establish that there is sufficient rental demand, and capital growth potential for each property. We supply an investment summary relating to every purchase. We use our negotiating strength and professional reputation and experience across all areas of our service to offer you the best possible opportunities and prices.

We’ll always be on hand to answer any enquiries you may have or discuss opportunities available – in as straightforward and informative a way as possible.

Bricks and mortar are the foundation of most people’s investment assets. Now, more than ever, property remains a sound investment. The arguments are well articulated in the financial press on a daily basis.

However, in order to maximise its real wealth creation potential, property portfolio management remains time-consuming.

Property remains a year-on-year strong performer. As well as the recognition property has received as an alternative to underperforming private pensions, it offers strong capital growth potential and can be passed on in perpetuity. Property investment also offers the prospect of withdrawing tax-free lump sums and the potential of releasing funds for future investment purposes.

Every analysis indicates that this is not a trend but an underlying certainty. This is certainly the case in the UK and across many other parts of the world. In this context, and with considerable institutional investment, the private residential sector continues to expand rapidly and gather momentum.

No investment is a 100% certainty. It would be imprudent to suggest otherwise. Property prices and/ or rents can take a downward direction. Void periods, rent arrears, rental/ sales competition and long sales periods are all risk factors to be considered. However, when the realities of supply and demand are applied to the property sector, it continues to make stocks and shares appear erratic and under-performing.

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