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Previously known as Arndale House, The Xchange will shed its commercial roots as it's transformed into a modern residential hub. Located next to the £260m Broadway Shopping and Leisure complex with a whole host of bars and restaurants, The Xchange is the perfect residential hotspot for those looking to embrace a more urban lifestyle.

The property is a just 15 minutes walk to Bradford Football Club, adjacent to the brand new Westfield Broadway Shopping Centre and a stone's throw away from all the convenience of Bradford's local transport.

Since being one of Bradford's prime commercial properties, the size and scale of the development will offer a view of the city unlike any other residential property. Sitting high above the surrounding skyline, the architect's designs will ensure style in a comfortable setting to allow young professionals the space and convenience they need in the heart of this growing city.

This is a city brimming with confidence. Millions of pounds of recent investment has poured into the heart of the city; upgrading public spaces and paving the way for major investment and business opportunities.

Over the years, Bradford has successfully diversified into a number of key business sectors including construction, financial services and retail, whilst maintaining a solid foundation in modern manufacturing with 160,000 jobs across the wider city region.

With an economy worth over £8.3 billion and a number of leading UK businesses headquartered in Bradford, including Yorkshire Building Society, the city is predicted to be the fifth fastest growing city outside of London.

Bradford is also home to Bradford University and is in the top 10 for graduate employment in the UK, ensuring that its 35,000 students will continue to contribute to the fast growing working population and diverse economy.